The Amazon forest is the result of millons of years of biological evolution, wihch has allowed the development of exuberant vegetation on a thin and poor layer of humus in nutrients. The huge amount of fungus, bacteria, insects, and small animals helps the decomposition of organic substances, which become food for plants.
The great biodiversity causes that each plant fights to survive, looking for light, nutrients and space. That explains the incredible variety of vegetal species, more than 300 in a just little area. There are at least 30.000 species of plants, and more unknown yet. Actually, nobody knows how many species of plants and animals live in the jungle.
In the jungle there is always a balance; however, its ability to recovery is too limited when facing the irresponsible intervention of people with speculate interests. The extinction of a species causes a chain reaction having an impact on the entire environment. The indigenous people developed the ablity to change without destroying, using without exhausting, opening small wounds in the forest that could be healed.
In Peru, if we exclude the riverside areas with the highest population, we still can find vast areas unpolluted. Nowadays, there are wide territories protected and declared Nature Reserves or National Parks”.

Allen Sheffield

One of those is the Allpahuayo Mishana Reserve, declared protected area in 2004.
The Reserve, measuring a total of 57.677,43 hectares, maintains intact special ecosystems: forests varillal, which combine different drainage conditions, have unique flora and fauna; and flooded forests, also known as the forest of black water, which have specialized plant species, of restricted distribution.

Nowadays there are touristic trails leading through both types of forests, paths that will allow you to get in and learn about their biodiversity, and finally to reach virgin forest areas.

Schermata 2013-10-10 a 18.40.07 Even from the very names of forests, woods of white sand and woods of black waters, you can imagine the contrasts of colors waiting for you, and a single bird hidden in the branches can only add to that palette.


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