Who we are


We are 3  who organizes trips and holidays packages through the Natural Reserve of Allpahuayo Mishana (Amazon forest, Iquitos – Perù) and its communities. We are officially a P.L.C.

We offer different experiences depending on the demands of tourists, from pure adventure to comfortable accommodations, from hard trekking to easier trials, from special sport activities or nocturnal hunting to relaxing on the beaches or along the quebradas. You will enjoy all this while remaining immersed in the natural landscape of the Reserve.



The origin of this story lies in a local NGO based in Iquitos, la Restinga, an organisation dedicated to improving the lives of the local people while working with respect to the local environment. There are a group of us involved together in the project, two Spaniards, Carlos and Salvador, one Peruvian Carmen and one Italian, Daniele. We had the opportunity to develop land in the newly opened Allpahuayo Mishana reserve and jumped at the chance to create something unique for people only 22 kilometres away from Iquitos. We had created a personal haven for ourselves away from the heat and noise of Iquitos and now we have decided that we want to share the wonder of the place with other people.



The village of Nueva Esperanza is a village within the forest in Allpahuayo Mishana and this marked our central base. The people here welcomed us as part of their community and showed genuine warmth and respect towards us. The forest around here is wild and untamed. Initially it can be quite foreboding but once you learn to appreciate the mysteries and the special feeling that it creates you will find that you cannot get enough.

To get a sense of the majesty of the jungle we used machetes to craft paths through the jungle, creating a trail far away from the people who live there. Walking past the enormous lianas, stumbling over the impressive roots of 40-metre trees and hearing echoing calls of invisible animals ringing through the trees, we could feel the spirit of the jungle around us. Stopping to rest and cool down in the many streams that are the veins holding the lifeblood of the jungle, we could see the water glistening red in the sun, coloured by the leaves floating slowly by us as we sat. This only added to the sense of magic in the place and increased our desire to share it with the world. The sunsets that greeted our return to the lodge after a day of work offered yet another amazing sight, the colours of the land melting into one another as the fading light draped itself over the land. It is a fleeting moment but one that must be seen to be believed. The nights offered something different still, a counterpoint to the brightness of the days where the noises and the movements of the nocturnal animals around us created an entirely new atmosphere in the jungle to be explored. We have kept this magical place to ourselves over the past several years but now want to share the power of the jungle with others at a time where we are in danger of losing places like this forever.

We will provide all that you require to appreciate the wonder and beauty of this untamed natural world. We want to share with you the same emotions that we feel each and every time we arrive at Allpahuayo Mishana National Park. We guarantee that once you leave, you will want to come back.





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