Little curious about Ayahuasca?

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If you are interested in ayahuasca ceremony or for personal research, you can do it with us in total safety and trust. That’s because Allpahuayo Mishana Bed&Trees E.I.R.L. coordinates with 2 local shamans friends of us, who guarantee a true experience, honest prices, and authentic ceremony in the deep Amazon forest.

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You can choose to stay with Shaman also a week, doing diet and cerimonies, but if you are little of hurry, don’t worry, you ould need just one night for the ceremony, and coming back the day after to the city of Iquitos.

If you are little curious and you would know more, just contact us, it’s free!



1 thought on “Little curious about Ayahuasca?

  1. Hola, estoy interesado en probar ayahuasca con un shaman. Ahorita estoy en Iquitos, pero no tengo mucho tiempo aqui.

    Es posible organizar algo así con ustedes para mañana o este fin de semana? Y cuanto costaría?

    Discuple para estar tanto tarde..



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