Included in the packages, we offer trekking, community visits, nocturnal hiking, swimming in the jungle, fishing, along with various other eco-tourism activities. We also offer an opportunity to take part in activities unique of their kind in Iquitos. You can join the local community in sporting activities, make use of the unique facilites as taking a special route through the jungle used only by the local people.

941933_10201357422678200_2052077859_n Our initiatives have one the lowest prices in the entire Iquitos, due to our sustainable activities.


Finally, on request, we can organise a visit to a local Shaman, a local curanderos specialising in healing. This man is a friend of ours and we can guarantee a safe and reasonably priced visit.


For more information, please contact us.




1 thought on “TOURS AND PACKS

  1. Hi,
    Im intersted to do a weak into the jungle (very soon) the goal is to see as much wild life as possible whith highlight on reptiles and even bigger highlight on snakes…
    I will be happy if you can contact me and give some details

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