Amazon Honey production


The protection of the environment and the forest is our priority.
We carry on, among the activities we propose for the sustainable in the reserve, beekeeping of Native Amazon bees to the local population of the community Mishana, Nueva Esperanza, Llanchama and San Martin. This, in fact, promotes the conservation of the forest (the breeding of bees prevent the felling of trees for irresponsible research of nests; also bees are the main pollinators of the Amazon) and helps the locals to have a further important economic contribution to the household, through the sale of honey (including to the tourists) obtained from the activity of beekeeping.
Visiting the community with us, you will observe and assist to the different stages of the process, from finding the nests in the forest to visit the nests near houses.

Here we are building a hives, for the beekeeping.

Opening a bee’s hives after transportation from the wood to the community.

We are extracting the hives.

The last phase of the process: the hives is inside its new house.

Honey, after extracted by specific techniques, is ready to be sold.


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